Neighbordog Sculptural Fruitbowl

Sold out $155.00 - $168.00

The mischievous Neighbordog is back, this time to put your fruit on a pedestal! Neighbordog is a rambunctious dog that lives next door. He loves to bark at the mailman and startle anyone walking by the gate. He really knows how to entertain himself.

Hana made these by first throwing the basic forms on the wheel, and then assembling them together. Each ear was cut from a rolled piece of clay and attached, the subtle nose was attached, and then the face and ears were painted. The fruitbowls were then fired in the kiln at 1800 degrees. A transparent bright robin's egg blue glaze was then applied to the bottom, a pink glaze on the inside, and a natural looking glaze with a speckle to it was painted on the outside. Finally it was placed in the kiln for it's second firing at 2200 degrees.